Other Projects

Film Workshops

Learn with black & white film

Slow down and make art

Work without a computer

Shoot full-frame on a budget


I'm doing film workshops at Linfield College. It's currently limited to other students, but hopefully we can make connections with the high school art department, because their darkroom no longer exists. Learning photography with a film camera is the proper way. It's simple and beautiful, and you're more connected with the artistic process.

There are lots of cameras to choose from, but to ensure everyone has a chance to learn, it costs $20 per roll of 36 photos. This covers instruction, using the equipment, and paying for chemicals. You can support this budget by donating for those who can't pay, and I would really appreciate it. If you're interested in providing "scholarships" of sorts, please get in touch.


Here are some ideas or goals for the workshops. Some things, like trips to Portland, would only happen in larger groups (5-7), but most of these can be done in pairs or triplets.

Learning about film, light sensitivity, shutter speed, aperture, and development.

Viewing B&W images to evaluate technique and composition

Looking for patterns, contrast, shapes, and lines in the world

Push-processing. When pushing, I like to shoot in Cabana or The Oak. Need to shoot in darker environments.

Street photography, approaching strangers

Astro-photography, long exposures

Light-painting, sparklers, steel wool, fire, etc.

Reasons to shoot film

Cheaper than digital full-frame

Smaller cameras = easy to take with you

No computers involved, so there's no risk of hacking or surveillance.

Medium and large format film is incredible and very cheap

Film is truly a raw image, forever ingrained in physical medium.