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January 19, 2018

tl;dr: Have you ever been really angry that your books are so expensive? Well you have the power to change this by donating your books to the student body! I'm starting a textbook library and need your help to make it great. Don't rent books! Always buy them. Eventually, we will own enough textbooks for all classes, and our expenses will rapidly decrease. I have many books that I'm donating to this new library, run by students. If you want to help out, there's a lot of work to do. But it's possible, and it's going to happen. If you're taking classes and need one of these books, guess what? You can have it! For free! As long as you donate your textbooks to this socialist library, you'll pay nothing. That's the only condition. I don't need my Discrete MATH 230 book anymore. I took the class. The book was around $100. It's absurd. I wanted to cry. But if you're taking Discrete, I now have a book for you.

Or maybe you don't have textbooks to donate. In that case, it would be wise to charge a nominal fee for upkeep of this system and investing in future textbooks. How about $5 to rent this book for the term? Is that affordable? Damn right it is. No personal profits will be derived from our library. Any income will be spent aqcuiring more books for our socialist paradise.... We can reclaim ownership of our education, starting with textbooks. I hate e-Books, and I hate renting knowledge. It's abhorrent. Buy your books, donate them, and the college will be a happier place.

Please share this article with others, so we can actually make this happen and create the future we want. It's up to you!

Here are my free books, organized by courses. I'll add ISBNs later. Click to expand the lists:

INQS - History of Mexican Immigration to the United States
HIST 214 - History of Latin America

MATH 230 - Discrete. Brief Edition. Introduction to Mathematical Reasoning.

MATH 140 - Intro Stats, Statistics: Informed Decisions using Data Michael Sullivan, Fourth Edition.

Spanish 301 - Atando Cabos: Curso intermedio de espaƱol

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