Sony a7 Review

March 25, 2018

Going to have this post and edit as I have new thoughts or whatever.

Funny that burst mode is causing me to miss shots. You end up being wrong on the timings, and because it's only 5 FPS, you have gaps of 0.2 seconds... more accurate to just shoot on your own for moments like apex of swing or different positions. Unless your burst is 10-15FPS minimum, the timing ends up being obnoxious to fight. Haven't confirmed this, but I'll try snagging some key photos, like when the ball just almost hits the bat... I think I'll have far better success doing single shots than burst.

December 8, 2018

The focus magnification buttons are difficult to press after a while and become kind of dirty. The exposure compensation knob also can become sluggish when bits of dirt make their way into it. I wish the software could detect focal changes in manual lenses, simply by analyzing the contrast and other geometric patterns. When focusing is detected, it could magnifiy a cross-section to save me from clicking the enlarge button and fighting it.

When you shoot in JPG, it saves files that are about 24MB. I shot a wrestling tournament in JPG thinking I'd save data and be working with 4-7MB files. But instead, they were practically the same size as RAW photos, and I had zero control over white balance or other fine details. If I had shot RAW, files would be about 24-30MB, and then the JPGs would be scaled down for quick previews. VERY aggravating experience from last year that I forgot to mention on here.

The screen's oleophobic coating could be a lot better. Frequently have to wipe it off. Not a big deal though.

Video is pretty good, although I wish I could shoot faster than 60fps. Having higher speeds would be cool.

Noise performance for in-camera processed JPGs is quite impressive. Shot over 10,000 ISO, I think even up to about 25,000, and it was much better than anything I've shot with Nikon or Canon crop sensors. And keep in mind, this is using old manual film lenses with lower light transmission than modern glass, presumably.

The neck strap is gross. I don't like the texture of the rubberized side. Replacing it with something leather or just fabric will be my next project

Can't think of anything else right now...