Linfield Sports 2017-18

Update, October 30, 2018: Back in May of 2018, everything was resolved, but I delayed updating this page. As it stands, Linfield College has banned me from all athletic events when carrying a camera. I have been warned that returning to a game with a camera will result in being arrested by the local police. Consequently, I can neither take nor sell photographs. This is an injustice, and the college hasn’t gone through its established procedures for conduct and sanctions. For more context, you may read my post about photography and student rights. If you'd like to send donations to support my work, you can visit my Cash profile, $calebyers, or find other payment methods on my About page.

I have a specific copyright policy for Linfield sports available here. Please note that while I cannot sell photos, you aren't therefore entitled to additional rights. In other words, the copyright policy remains unchanged, and any special rights that come from purchasing photos are not granted, since nobody can buy my images. Nobody may print my photos, and only students may post them online. Any non-students found violating my policy will face legal action.

I have nearly 2,000 images to sort and upload, so this will be a process....keep checking back for updates. I'm pretty busy but will continue to sort images, making them available for people to view in Google Photos albums. Again, I would really appreciate any donations. Thanks!

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