I'm a photographer and web-designer with experience shooting portraits, art nudes, events, pets, and some journalism. I study math and music at Linfield, and I'll be a senior this fall.

I'm available for weddings, family photos, senior portraits, and product or food photography. I also have experience advertising with social media, search engines, and managing Facebook/Instagram pages.

View my resume [PDF].

Internal Links

Contact me: email, phone, online form.

Privacy policy: relates to this website and my photography. Info about removing photos.

My Blog: photo updates, personal things, and other thoughts.

Project Ideas: assortment of existing projects and half-baked ideas.

Web-Design Services: I make minimalist sites that are awesome. They load quickly, respect people's privacy, and they are easy modify or host anywhere.

External Links

I share photos on Instagram or Flickr.

Getting ready to launch a film photography club on my Kickstarter profile.

I prefer cash payment, but you can send also send money electronically via Square Cash, Liberapay, PayPal, Venmo.

Videos on YouTube or maybe Vimeo someday.

Sometimes go traveling and use Couchsurfing to find places to live.

I'm a certified driver at Linfield College, which means I can drive the carts, sedans, minivans, or 12 passenger vans.