self portrait at the Oregon Coast.

Photo taken by Alexandra Feller

I'm a junior studying music & math at Linfield. Started collecting lots of film cameras and showing others how to use them. Enjoy black and white film for portraits, nudes, and street photos. In the process of sorting old rolls and sharing new material online. Occasionally post on my blog. I do minimalist web design, so you should hire me if your website is cluttered and distracting. Lately been focusing on friends and personal projects.

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Privacy policy: relates to this website and my photography. Info about removing photos.

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Instagram or Flickr.

About to start a film photography project with Kickstarter.

I prefer cash, but you can send also send money electronically via Square Cash, Liberapay, or PayPal.

Videos on YouTube or maybe Vimeo someday.

Sometimes go traveling and use Couchsurfing to find places to live.

I'm a certified driver at Linfield College, which means I can drive the carts, sedans, minivans, or 12 passenger vans. Hoping our college will start a safe-ride program to help with weekend transportation, but for now it's sporadic driving with Greek societies or class field trips.

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